AMKETTE Evo Gamepad Pro 4 Gaming Controller For Android Phones (Instant Play for Android, Black)


Buy AMKETTE Evo Gamepad Pro 4 Gaming Controller For Android Phones which offers an amazing game playing experience. It helps you to map any touchpoint on your screen, to any button on the Controller. So even if the game does not officially support Gamepads, you can still get your Gamepad freak on. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0 support for ease of connectivity. Equipped with 16 Actions Button so that you can get the ultimate gaming feel with full accuracy and precision.



About this item

  • EGP4 is a great Smartphone Bluetooth Game Controller with 2 Modes – a Native mode that lets you play Gamepad supported games on ALL Android Phones, and an Touch Point Mapping Mode for Snapdragon Phones that enables gamepad support for Games that don’t natively support it.


  • Instant Play (Touch Map) for Android (Home + A) lets you map your Gamepads buttons, to the touchscreen, enabling you to play your favourite Games like Genshin, BGMI, COD, LOL, NFS and more! Only for Snapdragon Phones.


  • With the HID/Native Mode for Android (Home + X), discover and play over 300 games that already support a Gamepad, like Asphalt, Mine Craft, GTA and more). The Evo Gamepad Pro 4 Bluetooth Gamepad comes with the Evo Gamepad App found on Android Play Store.


  • The Evo Gamepad Pro 4 comes with a full featured Xbox style layout, analog triggers and also has quick action back buttons that are very useful for actions like peek, or grenade lobs.


  • For detailed setup videos and guides, scan the QR code behind the Gamepad or simply WhatsApp or Email our Customer Support team.


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